PG Bookstore FAQs

By on May 3rd, 2013 in How to

It’s a great feeling when your book is finally written and printed. But what’s the next step?  How do you sell it or even let people know it’s available?

The first step is to let people know where to find and purchase your book.  That might mean creating a website to promote and sell the book.  But what if you don’t want to go to the trouble (and expense) of developing a website?Pubgraphics online bookstore

Publishers’ Graphics offers a virtual bookstore to help you do just that.  PG maintains the website, processes orders and credit card payments, and packs and ships your books. To help you list your book, here’s some FAQs from PG’s bookstore expert, Dale Lipp:

What is the PG Bookstore?  The PG Bookstore is a great resource for authors and publishers to sell their books online.  There is no additional charge to add your book to the store.  You can create a retail listing on the store for selling small quantities, and at the same time we can set up a wholesale listing for any wholesale customers you may have.

What are the advantages of using a third party to sell your book? Using a third party like PG frees you up to do what you do best: write!  No one becomes an author or publisher because they want to spend their time taking orders, processing credit cards, and shipping books.  That’s what we do best!

What are the steps to using this service?  There’s only a few:

  1. PG must print at least one copy of the book prior to listing the book.  This ensures that what we are listing on the bookstore meets your quality standards. Printing beforehand also works out any printing issues ahead of time.
  2. The next step is to register as a user at
  3. Complete and return the listing agreement. This is a brief form that I can email to you.
  4. Write a short description of the book and also a short paragraph or two “About the Author.”

That’s it!  Within 48 hours or less, your listing will be live and ready for business.

What tools are available within the site to promote your book?

The site has numerous easy-to-use social media tools to help you showcase and build an audience for your book. Sharing links from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google + and scores of others lets your friends, family, colleagues and potential customers where to purchase your book. The social media channels are a good starting point to market your book; the rest is up to you!