Simple Steps to Market Your Book

By on July 18th, 2013 in How to

Most authors would agree that after writing a book, the biggest challenge is how to market the book. Competing for publicity and media attention is difficult and time consuming, often with little to show for your efforts.

That’s NOT true in Sabrina Penn’s case!  Her efforts have yielded video reviews at two large metro TV stations.pam grier2

Sabrina Penn’s children’s book, “A Cowgirl Named Pammy” was just printed, and within a two week period, she landed two TV interviews.  Morning anchors at TV stations in Chicago and Denver promoted the book during their AM programs and provided information on where to purchase the book.

Illustrated by Michael Sein-Colon, “A Cowgirl Named Pammy” tells the story of Pam Grier, the first African-American woman super hero in Hollywood action movies.  Sabrina said, “The key to my success with the media was simple: I created a brief summary of my book and emailed it to select media outlets.  Since Pam Grier had lived in Colorado, I knew there would be some interest in that market, so I contacted the Denver area stations.”

She advised, “Let the media feel they are getting the first news out.  Offer a free copy of your book. Email them more than once.”  Sabrina even suggests taking out a few ads about your book, first locally, then in larger markets.

book 11In addition, utilizing social media is critical. Sabrina claims, “Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook are important, along with finding blogs related to your subject area.”  She suggests: “Make appropriate comments on their blog posts and add links for your book in the comment section; I do this all day long!”

Sabrina closed by saying, “Most importantly, believe that your book is as important to the media as it is to you, and you will succeed.”

“A Cowgirl Named Pammy” is available in the PG Bookstore.