A Story of Faith and Courage

By on August 2nd, 2013 in Publisher Spotlight

The following is reprinted from August, 2013 issue of CELEBRATION NEWS, Celebration, Florida.

Rebecca Stepusin and her father Paul started talking about writing a book together about two weeks after Rebecca, a Celebration High School student, was diagnosed with cancer.  They kept a journal together chronicling their family’s story and what they went through during the next nineteen months of her cancer treatment. Paul continued to write even after Rebecca passed away about his daughter’s inspiring attitude and the choice she made to live life and stay positive despite having cancer.

Some days Paul told Rebecca in prayer he just couldn’t write and that’s when Rebecca’s heartrebecca and spirit picked up the pen where he left off. Paul says, “It may have been my hands on the keyboard, but I believe it was Rebecca’s voice inside me who wrote this story. It’s her heart, not mine, that completed this. This book represents the fulfillment of a promise that we would write a book together…and so we did.”

As a daughter, sister, and friend, Rebecca touched the lives of everyone she knew. “People saw a genuineness in her and loved her the day they met her. When she was with you she saw the best in you, she saw best in the world.”

Her story will promise to cause you to take a look at your own circumstances in life and see that true peace and joy come from within us through faith, as Rebecca understood.

“As this our first experience printing a book, we appreciated Publishers’ Graphics support along the way.  We had lots of questions about production, and Dale Lipp was extremely helpful throughout the entire process,” Nancy Stepusin said.

The book will soon be available through the Barnes and Noble website, and you can also order it through PG’s bookstore.  Both hardcover and softcover options are available.

To order a copy of “Rare: My Daughter’s Faithful Journey through Cancer,” visit www.rarebookspc.com.