Gets a Makeover

By on August 5th, 2015 in News and announcements

We just completed our latest rendition of the PG website. This is the third update we’ve done in as many years, and by far the most ambitious and expansive. The most significant change for our customers is how you’ll log into your account. We’ve centralized this information into one page aptly named Client Log-In.

A new log-in area for customers
A new log-in area for customers


Once there, you’ll find three separate log-in areas. Most customers will use either the Instant Quote log-in or the Reprint Center, explained below:

  1. INSTANT QUOTE customers can log-in to review online print quotes, start a new quote, order and track shipments. Keep in mind, you can still log in at Instant Quote page on the main navigation bar.
  2. REPORTS: this is exclusively for large publishers.
  3. REPRINT CENTER: this is our new customer portal for former PG Bookstore customers. You’ll recognize it as the old PG Bookstore page. You can quickly log-in, view your titles and order, all with a few clicks of your mouse.

Besides these functional changes in site navigation and organization, we gave Pub Graphics a much-needed facelift.  Out with the orange and in with blue!  Viewers will probably notice that the site is packed with more information, fresh imagery, and new reference tools.

A new FAQ section
A new FAQ section

We’ve also enhanced several areas of the site: The Products area has grown with more descriptions and imagery, plus we’ve added a Resources section with FAQ’s, charts for trim sizes and paper selections and weights, and a Publisher Resource area. The site is fully responsive on all devices allowing you to check in on your smart phone or tablet.

Product icons for quick navigation.
Product icons for quick navigation

Yes, even though change can be difficult for some, we’re certain you’ll find the site more efficient, user-friendly and informational.  Stay tuned, because there’s much more to come with the launch of our new e-commerce site PG Direct.