Publishers’ Graphics Implements Barcode Quality Control System

By on May 17th, 2012 in News and announcements

Publishers’ Graphics has implemented a barcode identification system, designed to monitor and track book production from start to finish.   The program was driven by a necessity for real-time quality control and reporting.

“Now that our business has grown to three separate production facilities, including an in-plant facility in Canada, there was a need for increased quality control,“ stated Nick Lewis, President of Publishers’ Graphics.    “For just two of our customers, we are manufacturing 170,000 books per month, so it’s critical to understand where bottlenecks are and respond quickly to any problems should they arise,” he added.

The new barcode is printed on the last page of the text book block.  If any part of the job is damaged or produced at less than acceptable quality, the barcode can be scanned and a reprint of the book can be automatically generated.

Information about where the book was printed along with the date and time of printing will indicate if there is a problem with equipment, materials, or operators.  At the same time, the order entry system is continually updated to reflect the new status and to keep the customer informed.

Publishers’ Graphics continues to lead the way with innovative procedures and workflows that bring customized solutions to its customers.  Headquartered in Carol Stream, IL, PG also has in-plant satellite operations in Florence, Kentucky, and Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

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