Warehousing and Fulfillment


Warehousing, inventory management, fulfillment and shipping/mailing are part of our PG supply chain solution. Using our Midwest warehouse, we can manage your inventory and fulfill orders, domestically and internationally.

  • Minimizes your overhead costs: inventory, warehouse space, and operating costs
  • Combined offset, POD, and short-run shipments, minimizing the number of outbound deliveries
  • Dedicated CSR assigned to your account
  • No receiving charges for books printed at our facilities
  • Flexible: route orders via XML data transfer, or directly from online shopping cart
  • Automatic email acknowledgments (receipt of order, shipping notice, and returns)
  • Print, store and fulfill marketing/premium items for trade shows and exhibitions

Inventory Management

Excess inventory or a shortage of inventory? Either can be costly for a publisher or business. Whether printing offset, POD, short-run quantities, or even fulfilling premium items, we can help you manage your inventory for optimum efficiency and sales. That leaves you and your staff with more time for mission-critical work.

  • Physical inventory snapshot taken monthly
  • Free cycle counts (1 -3 times per year based on title’s activity), or one complete physical inventory.
  • Computer controlled inventory system with online access 24/7: view your current inventory levels anytime
  • Reporting options that lets you look at usage levels, back orders, pending orders and much more
  • Ability to setup automatic reorder points for printing and rules for backorders, email alerts
  • Dedicated warehouse staff, knowledgeable and experienced in handling customer inventory
  • Customized online views with visual dashboards vs. line item on a report


  • Polywrap, shrinkwrapping, Label Aire affixing
  • Shipping: LTL, UPS, USPS and drop shipping
  • Providing the lowest-cost shipping option identified through shipping software
  • Global delivery services with tracking are provided at reduced shipping rates