3 Ways = More Options!

We print and distribute thousands, even millions, of books every year. Our flexibility allows us to ship directly to you, your customer or to wholesalers/resellers – from single copies to a dozen pallets, or anything in between.

1 PGDirect!

pg direct

An online bookstore, simple and hassle-free. Now you can order, print, and distribute your titles to end-readers directly. Receive great terms and increase your profit margins by working with us directly. It’s fast, easy and there’s no cost to list your book.

  • A new sales channel that simplifies the supply chain (and bypasses the middleman).
  • PG will offer discounted retail pricing and fast delivery times for publishers’ titles in PG’s proprietary catalog.
  • Savings are passed on to you and your readers.
  • Your titles, your store: It’s easy, set up a storefront for your titles, then sell to your audience through links to your website, blog, or Facebook page.
  • Visit PGDirect for more information.

2 PG Global

Print Local, Distribute Globally. We can print your book closest to its final destination via our partner print providers throughout Asia, Europe, India, and Australia. Save yourself from the worries of importation, custom issues, and costly shipping and warehousing.

  • Earth friendly, low carbon footprint: By printing local, you reduce waste and save resources.
  • Support around the world and around the corner: Responsive service and support for whatever time zone you’re in.

3 PG to Major Wholesalers

Your book, every channel. We ship directly to all major wholesalers including Amazon, Baker & Taylor, Ingram and others, utilizing the most cost-effective methods including LTL freight and USPS postal discounts.

  • Set up a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule for shipping. We’ll take care of the rest.


Of course, you always have the option of printing and shipping a supply for your own inventory too.