File Preparation Made Easy!

Digital vs. Offset



  • Uses Toner
  • Short runs: single copy to 2000
  • Faster: no plates
  • Quality is very good
  • Files are set up as PDFs


  • Uses Ink
  • Larger print runs: 2000 plus
  • Excellent quality and color matching
  • Excellent production of photos
  • Files are set up as PDF files with bleeds extended 1/8″ minimum past trim size.

The Trade Off:

Digital is faster and quality is very good, but offset is generally considered higher reproduction quality.


  • 4 color process: CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black)
  • 4/0: 4 color process on side one and no color on side two
  • 4/4: 4 color process on both sides
  • 4/K: 4 color process on side one and Black on side two
  • RGB: refers to screen colors only. Use CMYK for print and always preview your files in CMYK

Using our online quoting system

Information needed:

  • Is your book Full Color or partial color or full black and white?
  • If your book is Full Color you need to indicate that in the page count.
  • If your book is Partial Color inside, you will fill out the color insert section filling out the number of pages in that color area. (Remember to subtract that amount from the total page count in the top section).

Paper Specifications:


  • C1S: Coated on One Side. (Cover weight paper for softcovers. Softcovers are 10 pt. and 12 pt. (12 pt. is heavier and slightly more durable than 10 pt.)
  • Casewrap is a hardcover book.
  • Cover Lamination provides durability and protects the book from dirt and wear and tear. (2 types: Matte and Gloss finishes)


  • 50#, 60# and 70# refers to the weight of the paper. It’s how paper is measured. (70# is thicker than 50#)
  • Casewrap is a hardcover book.

Calculating Spine and PPI:

  • The cover artwork contains a Back Cover, Spine and Front Cover.
  • All books require a spine. The width must be calculated and built into your cover art.
  • The spine is calculated by taking the number of text pages and dividing by the PPI. (PPI, pounds per inch, is specific to the paper selected. All papers have a PPI. The minimum width of hardcover spines is .0375.

To Calculate your Spine width:

# of pages divided by PPI equals Spine (see Chart Below)

Black Print 50# White PPI 513
Black Print 60# White PPI 535
Black Print 70# White PPI 377
Black Print 50# Natural PPI 487
Black Print 60# Natural PPI 435
Black Print 70# Natural PPI 385
Color Print 50# Uncoated PPI 513