Frequently Asked Questions

What are your standard trim sizes?

4 x 6 is the smallest. 10 x 10 SQUARE is the largest SQUARE trim size. We are able to produce any trim size within these numbers including 8.5 x 11. Our maximum spine length is 11”.  We currently have over 500 different trim sizes.

Formats, Binding and Extents (sizes) that are used:

Perfect binding and Hardcover are our preferred binding options. Minimum extent for both is 20 sheets Maximum is 1250 sheets of 50# offset.
3 Ring Binder Paste Hard Cover
Comb Paperback
Dust Jacket Side Stitch
Plastic Coil Trim 4
Upper Left Stitch
Twin Loop Wire
Saddle Stitch

What Papers and Boards are used?

40# uncoated white offset - 3.4 caliper, 588 PPI, 60 gsm
50# uncoated white offset - 3.9 caliper, 513 PPI, 74 gsm
50# uncoated natural offset- 3.8 caliper, 526 PPI, 74 gsm
60# uncoated white- 4.6 caliper, 435 PPI, 90 gsm
60# uncoated natural- 4.6 caliper, 435 PPI, 90 gsm
70# uncoated white-5.3 caliper, 377 PPI, 72 gsm
70# uncoated natural - 5.2 caliper, 385 PPI, 72 gsm


100# text weight for case wraps
10 pt. C1S cover
12 pt. C1S cover
Our board weight is 88pt.


Printed paper cover
Dust jackets

Shrink Wrapping

Cover/jacket finishes:

Matte lamination
Gloss lamination

Do you have FSC Certification?

PG is not FSC certified, however all paper and board vendors have FSC accreditation. Yes, we do order and supply FSC paper.

What are your mono and color options?

For POD, PG is able to do full and split color or black print. We are able to insert color anywhere in a book. For OFFSET – the color insert must fall between web signatures; unless it is a T4S book; then we can hand insert after trimming.

What bindery machinery is there on-site?

High speed laminating, wire binding, Minute Man Saddle Stitch Machine, shrink-wrapping, PUR bindery, complete hardcover line, 3 hole drill.

What are your artwork production quality checks?

Our work flows have built in quality checks. All digital devices come with software that does not allow for font issues.

Can you do folded covers?

Yes, we can do folded covers, or French Flaps, on perfect bound books only.

Please describe your quality process:

We have QC staff at each facility that review production at several stage areas. We also require our Customer Service staff to review and inspect the sample copies prior to mass production.

Do you provide Inspection copies, sample copies and proofs?

We are able to provide sample copies - allow 3 days for samples. If required we would be able to provide inspection copies as well.

Please describe the submission process for titles new to you. Can you manage batched title submission?

Our current customers ask us to ingest files in a variety of ways. We can manually go to a FTP site to gather files, or we can set up individual FTP sites that automatically process for ingesting files. We work individually with customers to find the best solution.

Do you send via Third Party Ordering?

Yes. We currently send direct to customers (customer) for 70% of our POD printing.

If needed, we can place invoices in the shipping box if the 3rd party orders are post-bill or packing slips if they are pre-bill. In addition, if we receive PO’s (purchase orders) we can provide POAs (purchase order acknowledgments) and ASNs (advance shipping notices).

What is your preferred method of distribution – using your own carrier agreements or ours?

We are able to do either one. We work within our customer's needs.

What are your fulfillment strategies?

PG is in the process of developing a wholesale web-based model. We have a first stage book store that we have been using for retail and wholesale. We currently send directly to customers daily using a variety of shipping methods. We also send product to Amazon, Ingram and Baker and Taylor for our customers. This process is on behalf of our customers and is supported by robust reporting.

Do you offer consolidated shipments?

Yes, we currently ship almost 60% of our work as multi line requests.

Do you work to the EDIFACT or ASCII standard?

Yes, we can work with EDIFACT and we can work with custom XML and CSV formats as well.

Do you offer inventory management?

Yes. PG has an inventory system currently in use and running in all 3 locations. Currently, we use the inventory system automatically by fulfilling orders through our workflows when inventory is available to ship. We can customize our inventory system to fulfill your requirements. Web portals can be created so you can view your inventory.

Describe your reporting capabilities.

Customized reports will be created for OUP to deliver the information needed. 1st print Reports are available on web site for download. These reports can also be generated and distributed upon customer request.

Do you have global print alliances in place and is there a pricing structure?

Yes, we have global print suppliers in place. Depending on the volume, PG will gather the pricing from all vendors to hand off to the customer.

Describe your archiving process.

PG's archiving process is composed of (4) four NAS devices. (2) Two are located in IL. (1) one is located in KY. The final one is located in St. Louis. This system is mirrored for disaster purposes. This allows for our customers files to be backed up in (3) three different states.

What is your Disaster Recovery Plan?

Publishers’ Graphics consists of (3) three plants: Carol Stream, IL (PGIL); Florence, KY (PGKY) and St. Louis, MO (PGSTL). With three facilities available, we have avoided risk by having several options and multiple types of equipment available to print. We can shift work to any facility as a backup if one plant goes down for any reason, such as a weather delay.