Selling has never been easier.

Welcome to PG Direct.. an online bookshop that markets and sells books directly to end-customers and resellers. We’ve simplified the supply chain allowing you to order, print and distribute-all with one vendors

Not just any vendor, but a leading POD printer with decades of experience in book manufacturing and the publishing industry. So you can be confident that buyers will receive a highly crafted, consistent end-product-all wrapped in a seamless step-saving package

The Benefits of Working Together:

  • A simple and hassle-free supply chain saves you time and costs
  • You receive great terms and increase your profit margins by working with us directly
  • Savings are passed on to you and the end-customer

You Benfit From:

  1. Lower Prices: We take a reduced publisher discount – as much as 25% LESS! We’ll pass 75% of the extended discount on to the end customer. Not only do YOU benfit, bu the end consumer benefits too!
  2. Higher Quality:Our singular focus is books. That translates into a high qaulity, consistent product-truly a win/win for you brand
  3. Swift turnaround:Simplifying the supply chain save an average of 13 days in the distribution cycle: 3days vs. 16days.


  1. No cost to list your titles.
  2. Advertising and promotional opportunities available to feature you titles.
  3. More exposure and visibility for your titles


It’s just that simple! Want to find out more? Contact us today.