Be the Change You Want to See in the World.

At PG, we embrace change.  Change is what keeps us moving forward—with continuous updates to workflow processes and with investments in the latest printing technology and equipment, our changes enable your changes.

When PG prints and binds your books, you are embracing in sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

When PG ships your books directly to the end user, you are reducing your carbon footprint.

PG is proud to announce the acquisition of the Ricoh VC60000 Highspeed Inkjet Press.

With the latest inkjet technology:

PG Can:

  • Reduce turn-times
  • Improve quality
  • Print in new markets: journals, magazines, high quality four color books

You Can:

  • Get your books to market sooner
  • Improve your margins
  • Print more titles digitally, reducing inventory & increasing cash flow

Embrace Change. Call PG. Change Your World.