What are your standard trim sizes?

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4 x 6 is the smallest. 10 x 10 SQUARE is the largest SQUARE trim size. We are able to produce any trim size within these numbers including 8.5 x 11. Our maximum spine length is 11”.  We currently have over 500 different trim sizes.

Formats, Binding and Extents (sizes) that are used:

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Perfect binding and Hardcover are our preferred binding options. Minimum extent for both is 20 sheets Maximum is 1250 sheets of 50# offset.

3 Ring Binder Paste Hard Cover
Comb Paperback
Dust Jacket Side Stitch
Plastic Coil Trim 4
Upper Left Stitch
Twin Loop Wire
Saddle Stitch

What Papers and Boards are used?

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40# uncoated white offset – 3.4 caliper, 588 PPI, 60 gsm
50# uncoated white offset – 3.9 caliper, 513 PPI, 74 gsm
50# uncoated natural offset- 3.8 caliper, 526 PPI, 74 gsm
60# uncoated white- 4.6 caliper, 435 PPI, 90 gsm
60# uncoated natural- 4.6 caliper, 435 PPI, 90 gsm
70# uncoated white-5.3 caliper, 377 PPI, 72 gsm
70# uncoated natural – 5.2 caliper, 385 PPI, 72 gsm


100# text weight for case wraps
10 pt. C1S cover
12 pt. C1S cover
Our board weight is 88pt.


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Printed paper cover
Dust jackets

Shrink Wrapping

What are your mono and color options?

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For POD, PG is able to do full and split color or black print. We are able to insert color anywhere in a book. For OFFSET – the color insert must fall between web signatures; unless it is a T4S book; then we can hand insert after trimming.