Cooking Up a Book of Recipes

By on March 1st, 2013 in How to

It seems everyone has a drawer full of family recipes with a plan to someday turn them into a book.  If that describes you, consider producing your own cookbook.  Besides being one of the hottest trends in POD these days, it’s a fun project that provides a lasting record of your favorite dishes.

It doesn’t have to be fancy either.  Many cookbooks are printed with a laminated four color cover and plain black text inside, and bound with wiro binding.  To inspire you, here’s a few examples of mouth-watering cookbooks printed recently at PG.



Seven Quick Tips

Photographing food is often the most challenging part of a cookbook project. But with practice, it’s easy to take photographs as tasty as the dishes themselves, especially with these quick tips from photographer, Cindy Roth:

1. Use real food, with the freshest ingredients possible. No special styling techniques.

2. Great lighting is essential. It helps pick up the details.


3. Don’t shoot straight on; angles are more interesting!

4. Add accessories to enhance the photo, such as utensils, napkins, etc.

5. Set your camera ISO speed at 200 for highest quality image.

6. Get close to the food; most beginners shoot from too far away.

7. Don’t try a souffle’ unless you’re quick!

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