Our Mission

To provide customized services to the publishing industry by utilizing the latest digital imaging and printing equipment for the manufacture and distribution of short run books.


Established in 1996, Publishers’ Graphics is a manufacturer of short-run books to the trade, specialty, and self-publishing markets. We specialize in producing textbooks and journals, trade paperbacks and hardcover books, yearbooks and photobooks.

Publishers’ Graphics has grown to include three locations, multiple digital presses, and a staff that runs two shifts most of the year. Our print services have also expanded to include printing and global distribution in seven countries.

Yet even though we have grown in size and scale, we’re still a small company that is committed to great book manufacturing. What does this mean for you? It means we work hard to ensure you are always satisfied with your finished product. It means we work together as a team to help our customers – small and large – maximize their profits. We value your business, so if your books aren’t the way you expected — we want to hear from you.

Giving back to the local community is an important goal of our business. Together with our Wheaton, Illinois restaurant, The Cellar Bistro, we contribute annually to school and community groups and other local charitable organizations.